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GAMANA is a Non Governmental Development Organization devoted to improve awareness among the masses of Rural and Tribal areas on various socially relevant aspects of their lives and to motivate them to help shape their own destiny.

It has been set up with a motto of “Responding to the needs of the community” especially the socially deprived sections of the society and to respond to the impending requirements of the protection of environment of the country.

the approach.....
    • Mr. Anil C Dayakar is a Civil Engineer by Profession and has done an extensive study on Environmental issues. Also a diploma holder in “strategies to Integrated Urban Water and Sanitation” from Swedan. His personal work experiences with the Government and Quasi-Governmental organizations have circumvented the ideological considerations and stated Objectives. His uncompromising nature of dealing with causes of systematic failure and its perpetrators, gave the realization that only freedom of operation can ensure upholding Constitutional ideals in any institution that interacts and deals with public system. To implement and to transform his ideologies “Gamana” was registered as a Non Governmental Organization. To sustain the efforts and ensure the existence, the Organization was made most decentralized in the aspects of Operations, Finances and administration. This gave us scope for expansion to make “Gamana” as the only field based Organization to work in Rural, Tribal, Urban and in Metropolitan areas.

About us

Responding to the needs of the community irrespective of the nature of the activities and the risks involved
              “Gamana” is formed on 25-1-2002 with a motto to, Responding to the needs of the Community. “Gamana” is a Non Profit Organization which strives to achieve its goal of having a just and equitable society with a thriving democracy fuelled by informed citizens. “Gamana” envisages upholding the social system where the equitable distribution of the resources is ensured and where the basic rights of the individual’s are respected.
Women Empowerment and Livelihoods:
HIV/AIDS Awareness and Care and Support:
Tribal Rights and Developmental Issues:
Education Development and Care and Support for visually impaired and underprivileged Children:
Water Resource Management:
Sanitation and Solid Waste Management:
Environmental protection and Industry watch:
RTI Campaign and Implementation:
Issues of Urban Slums:
Organic/Sustainable Farming:
Health Improvement:

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